Thursday, 27 April 2017

Feel Refreshed At The End Of The Day With Catnapper Recliner!

When a person reaches home after a long and hectic day at work, he or she needs a place where they can relax and feel rested. Recliners are the best suitable for this purpose, and that is why everyone loves to relax in a recliner while watching TV or reading their favorite book. Selecting a recliner that is comfortable, sustainable and available at a price that is well within your budget, is a time-consuming task. However, this task can be made comfortable as well as enjoyable if you shop from the online furniture stores. You will find many varieties of recliners at these online furniture stores, for e.g. Catnapper Recliner.

Features of the Catnapper recliner

•    It provides complete support for a long time due to its top quality metal seat box.

•    Extended footrest makes it almost flat so that you can completely relax after a tiring day at work.

•    Durable velvet fabric offers comfort for you and a great look for your living room.

•    If you choose a power lift recliner, then it will provide assistance for standing, which is a very useful feature for senior citizens in the house.

•    The power lift recliner also has a battery backup feature which means that you can relax on the recliner even when there is power failure due to some reason.

•    The design of the online Catnapper recliner makes it easy to transform into a sitting position or completely reclined position as per your choice.

•    The fabric used for the recliner is a heavy duty fabric which is also fire resistant.

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